Our pest control program is designed to prevent insects from reaching the inside of the home by applying three layers of protection throughout the property.

We achieve this by eliminating conditions that are conducive to an insect’s existence, avenues where insects can enter the premises, and sources that are conducive to the pest survival.

The Initial Treatment is the only time we enter the structure, unless an infestation occurs. The interior part of this treatment is designed to kill existing pest in the home and any pest that enter at a later date, it is installed in areas that are out of reach of all children and pets.

The exterior portion of the initial service includes sealing as many avenues into the structure as possible, as well as sweeping the structure to rid spider webs, wasp and mud dauber nest. This is done every quarter to discourage the pest from constantly rebuilding. A barrier is then placed around the base of the structure to prevent new pest from entering the structure. The final part of the first treatment is a granular bait that is put around the property and in known breeding or nesting areas creating your first line of defense.

After the initial treatment we return every three months to reinforce the two outside layers. This treatment is completed with the same methods as the outdoor portion of the initial treatment. The structure is swept, a new barrier is put down, and the nesting areas get a granular bait.