Our lawn care program is a custom built program that is adjustable to fit each lawn. Technicians are trained to evaluate and treat each lawn with exactly what it needs.


Our shrub care program consists of eight visits a year and is an all inclusive program that covers everything the plants need throughout the year. The plants are fertilized with our custom blended fertilizers, giving them the nutrients they need for all seasons.


Our pest control program is designed to prevent insects from reaching the inside of the home by applying three layers of protection throughout the property.


5 Star has been serving Central Florida for over a decade. We are dedicated to getting you the results you want with a lawn you can be proud of. First we start with an inspection of your entire property to get a full understanding of how we are going to get your lawn back on track. Your inspector will draw a graph of the property to insure everyone is on the same page. After the graph is complete the inspector will go over the game plan to get your lawn back on track. All services are performed by a BMP certified technician who has been trained to custom blend his mixes so he can taylor each mix to insure it is what your lawn needs. This technique helps to maximize every service your lawn receives. Our lawn service is inclusive for all turf damaging insects, fire ants and year around weed control. In the even a extra service is needed; it will be preformed on time and at no additional charge.

5 Star uses micro nutrients to replenish what is lacking in the soil. This is the base for developing a healthy lawn. Pre-emergents are applied to prevent seasonal weeds and crabgrass before they even grow. Chinch bug preventatives are now applied as a blanket application to prevent turf damaging insects before they nest. After each treatment, you will receive detailed notes from your technician about what is going on in your landscape as well as what you can do to help. Random manager inspections are done every month to ensure all services are up to 5 Star standards.